It all started when…

As young as five years old, I was sketching clothes in small notebooks. At the age of six, my grandmother taught me how to sew, and I fell in love; it became impossible to pull me away from my sewing machine. My mom would even check on me at night to ensure I was sleeping and not sewing. At the age of eight, my first fashion business, LOXO  (Lots of Hugs and Kisses) was born. I sold self-made pillows, phone cases, and recorder cases at local charity benefits, and I donated a portion of the proceeds. Simultaneously, I was learning how to keep my inventory, take orders, and appeal to my customers.

My craving for fashion grew with age. I began to create clothing, even designing my Bat Mitzvah dress. By eighth grade, my passion knew no bounds, so I began taking Saturday classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC. Those courses were just the beginning, and since then I have soaked up every opportunity to surround myself with similarly-passionate peers, from FIT to Parsons School of Design to even a three-week summer fashion program at Cornell University.

Along the way, I discovered that my high school did not have its own fashion club; it was only natural that I start one, so in tenth grade I founded the Fashion For A Cause club. The club melded my love for design with my core belief in doing good. The club brought about an unexpected perk: an opportunity to work with Laura Maged, a local boutique owner and fashion guru. Soon, I was not only selling my designs through my website (emersonisa.com) and design instagram (@emerisonisa) but also creating and selling my collections in collaboration with Laura.