This is my third piece from my concentration called, “Self Image – From The Inside Out”.  I wanted to share it because I thought that some people could relate to it. In most of my pieces, there is a reflective element so while looking at the piece, the viewer can literally and figuratively see him/herself in the piece.

img_0433 (1).jpg
img_0432 (1).jpg

This piece is about the process of looking at yourself in the mirror, and how painful this experience can be. It can be difficult to accept what you look like inside and out. Much of this pain and frustration is created by society and our surroundings. There is a complicated relationship between who you are and what you want people to perceive that you are. A lot of the time, we are trying so hard to be that image we want to be seen as that we lose what is important- a love of self.

When we inevitably cannot meet those standards to their fullest through social media like Instagram and Snapchat, (not getting enough likes/views/comments/etc.), we feel let down.

A “like” can only go so far. After these temporary confidence boosters fade away, we are still left with ourselves. We need to learn to love ourselves for us- not for anyone else.

Emerson Kobak